Kinloch Nelson Plays Stanley Watson is a recording of a live comcert from March 1990. For many guitarists in the Rochester, NY area in the early ‘70s, Watson was inspirational as a teacher, philosopher, player and composer. A combination of traveler, troubadour, naturalist and family man, Watson headed for Europe and Spain in the 50’s to study the guitar and its music. His music teachers were peanut farmers, gypsies, street and nightclub musicians, and the ‘learned’ as well - Andres Segovia, Pablo Casals. His music reflects this background, but is totally his own: passionate, tender, from the heart and yet cerebral. An impressionist composer, Watson painted musical pictures of the world he knew.

Stanley Watson died in Maine in 1978. Here is some of his music.

We have a section of our site dedicated to Stanley Watson as well.

Portrait (Melody For Don) — A friend of Stan’s makes a career choice and moves to Nashville. An optimistic and fanciful farewell send-off.

Nocturne — Moody ruminations. Echos of Spain.

Echos I, II, Lament — Three dances, as Stanley called them, depicting what might be going on endlessly in the mind to Rodin’s statue, the Thinker...“I sit, I sit, I sit and think, I sit and think, in stone, in stone, in stone...”

Jackie Mourning Gomez — Jackie (Jackie McClean, the jazz alto sax player) and a friend get word that their friend, Gomez, has died. Stanley is there the day the letter arrives. A wake...

At The Goldblatts — A picture of crickets on a warm summer night; millions of voices singing together. A flash of lightning in the distance, suddenly they are silent; then one by one begin to sing again.

The “Geetar” Rag (Liberation Rag) — It’s the mid 1970’s. The women’s liberation movement is in full swing and a copy of Germaine Greer Magazine arrives at Stanley’s door addressed to his guitar...(“only kidding”)

The Churianna Suite — This piece was composed as part of a score for a film adaptation of Platero Y Yo, the popular Spanish folk tale by Juan Ramone Jimenez about the travels of a man and his donkey and the adventures they have traveling in Spain.

In Memoriam — Stanley wrote and dedicated this piece to the casualties on both sides of the Vietnam War and as a respectful tribute to the anguish and turmoil Americans felt.

Waterfall — Encore. Winter receeds. Spring returns.

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Kinloch Nelson Plays Stanley Watson
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