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Real Guitar Heroes
Muriel Anderson & Kinloch Nelson in Concert

By Bill Ribas

If your only exposure to music is through the radio, and you find yourself wishing for so much more, then your prayers are about to be answered. Local resident guitar wizard Kinloch Nelson will be playing a gig with Muriel Anderson, herself a master of guitarplaying, and also “the first woman to win the prestigious National Fingerstyle Guitar Competition in Winfield, Kansas,” to quote the e-mail from the Rochester Guitar Club. Guitar contests, like the one Anderson won, are kind of like a McGyver moment on steroids; your average hack need not apply, and those that do pass through the winners’ circle, well, let’s just say they know their way around the fretboard and then some.

Yet if you’re still not sure, or you don’t believe me, you can hear some of the fireworks on WRUR, 88.5 on your FM dial, Tuesday morning around 11 or so. You can tune in earlier if you’d like - Scott Regan’s Open Tunings is one of the best shows on radio bar none. The fact that he has both Nelson and Anderson is like Christmas and New Year’s on the same day.

As for the particulars, here you go:

Reservations for this house concert are recommended as seating is limited.

Reservations: please call 585-473-4300

When: Wednesday April 6, 2011 at 8 pm. Doors open at 7:15
Price: $15
Where: 31 Wilshire Rd., Rochester NY
Directions: Wilshire Rd is off S. Winton, two blocks south of Highland Ave.

I can’t say that I have heard Anderson play, but I did run into Kinloch the other day at the library, and he spoke highly of her, and the distance between my playing and Kinloch’s is equivalent to a few trips around the globe, so if he likes her, you should too. In short, you won’t see a performance of this caliber often, and given the location and price, there is no reason you should miss it.

I will say it once more before closing - if you are a music lover, you owe it to yourself to see an event like this. For the cost of less than a compact disc, you can see world class talent at an arm’s length. Every time I have seen Nelson perform, I have been amazed at the harmonic depths, the facility with which he plays the guitar, the nuances and humor he brings to a performance. And given that experience with what he told me about Anderson, it is simply a performance you cannot miss. So there you go - get to the concert, or hang your head in shame.

From Ribas’ Pittsford Blog on the Rochester Democrat and Chronicle Website, copyright by Bill Ribas.

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