Podcast Interview on Fretboard Journal

Listen to the podcast interview.

“Fingerstyle guitarist Kinloch Nelson joins us on this week’s FJ Podcast to talk about Partly on Time: Recordings 1968-1970, his new (and highly recommended) anthology on Tompkins Square. The backstory on these demo and previously unreleased recordings is simply incredible. Kinloch sheds light on the making of these long-lost recordings, his guitars of choice and the ill-fated session he was supposed to do with John Phillips of The Mamas and the Papas, plus a lot more…”

Jason Verlinde, Fretboard Journal

Acoustic Guitar Sessions

Watch Kinloch’s Dynamic Fingerstyle session.

“Spend 40 minutes watching Kinloch Nelson in this Acoustic Guitar Session and you might just become a better guitarist. Between performing four songs (two originals: ‘Kittens’ and ‘Solitudes,’ plus covers of ‘Go Away Little Girl’ and ‘Sleepwalk’), Nelson gives what amounts to a solo fingerstyle guitar masterclass, going deep on such topics as note choice, sustain, alternate tunings, dynamics, and pet sitting(!).”

Acoustic Guitar Magazine

From the press

“Every time I have seen Nelson perform, I have been amazed at the harmonic depths, the facility with which he plays the guitar, the nuances and humor he brings to a performance.” [Read the entire concert preview.]

Bill Ribas

“As the night went on, Nelson’s unaccompanied guitar seemed less like a mere instrument and more like a fragrant, reassuring breeze bringing harmony and vibrance to Bodhi’s Asian-themed decor.” [Read the entire review.]

Saby Reyes-Kulkarni

“A musician with incredible depth and breadth. Kinloch Nelson plays with the virtuosity of a classical master and the sensibility of a pop performer.”

Portland Press Herald, Portland ME

“Kinloch Nelson’s guitar playing is an infuriating lullaby: it can soothe with its complex yet subtle dexterity while enraging those of us in the six-string set who wish we could play half as well.

“Watching Nelson play guitar is essentially witnessing the deconstruction of the instrument. Listening is a journey through American roots, jazz, country, blues, classical and whatever it is that ties them all together. Nelson’s knowledge of the guitar and the dexterity with which he explores its intricacies is simply amazing. I swear the guy’s got more than ten fingers.”

Frank De Blase, City Newspaper, Rochester NY

“Kinloch combines a great diversity of musical background with a spontaneous musical imagination … [He] can jump from swing jazz to classical to original music in a breath...always entertaining in any genre.”

Guitar Society of Rochester Bulletin, concert review

“Kinloch Nelson is a great instrumentalist. Like all good artists his vitality comes from a practiced ability to surprise his audience. His handiwork even included a ‘disposable solo’ in which Kinloch ‘played the cracks’...This was greeted with howls of approval, a tribute to the good-natured humility of a consummate player.”

Bound for Glory, WVBR Ithaca NY, concert review

From Coffeehouses and Concerts

“March 10th, Kinloch Nelson is coming in from the Rochester NY area to deliver on his theme - ‘Guitar As Travelog: Singer-Songwriter Without Lyrics’. Anyone who has heard this guitar master will be there.”

Susan Master, Focal Point Coffee House, Medford MA

“If you have not experienced a Kinloch Nelson performance, you have no idea what you are missing! Kinloch has been a staple of the regional music scene for years and years, displaying amazing work on the guitar. Mesmerizing, spellbinding.”

Al Nobles, Southern Tier Coffeehouse, Canaseraga NY

“Last night Cafe Noir had the pleasure of presenting Kinloch Nelson to a full house. He plays guitar with such great precision and artistry, I feel compelled to pass him along to you with my recommendations. His repertoire is full of variety - from classical music to moldy-oldies balanced by originals and medleys that are as surprising as they are beautiful.”

Martin Swinger, Cafe Noir, Augusta ME

“From the first note he had the audience mesmerized. Kinloch doesn’t talk too much, preferring to let his music tell the story. His show closer, a medley of TV themes and familiar tunes was a work of genius.”

Ralph Hunt, Heartland Concerts, Rochester NY

“A seemingly effortless exhibition of inspirational skills, full of surprises and precocious humour.”

“Simply phenomenal, I wish I was half as good!”

“That’s awesome! He’s got to have more than 10 fingers or maybe an extra hand.”

YouTube fans

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