From the Laboratory of the Guitar Mad Scientist

#1. Harp Guitar

What do you do when you want a harp guitar but don’t yet know what you want? How might you find out whether or not you want 5, 6 or maybe 7 harp strings? What about string spacing, or what angle you want them relative to the regular neck? Well...why not make one and find out?

Here’s a tour of the process in pictures, starting with the blue print, parts layout and order of assembly, more or less. Do try this at home... Have fun. Twang! KN

The Harp Guitar!

#2. Fiberglassing Your Nails

Typical artificial fingernail systems can compromise the health of the nail by covering up the nail bed. Here’s how you can “fiberglass” your fingernail tips, not the entire nail, using a bit of cloth and some superglue. Viva el tone! KN

Fiberglassing Your Nails!

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