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Partly On Time: Recordings 1968—1970

“This is American guitar music born not of the blues, but glistening, plaintive chaconnes and tone poems with their roots in Segovia medievalism, European folk music, and the Northern folk renaissance. Beguiling and strange, this is a real find.”
— Mojo Magazine

  1. Pearl St.
  2. Lazin’ In My Sleep
  3. Partly On Time
  4. Funky Susan
  5. Coming Down From The Ceiling
  6. The Eyes of The Fair Molly
  7. Kittens
  8. Solitudes
  9. Company Leaves
  10. Tom Siebert’s Boat
  11. Winnipesaukee Night
  12. Tone Poem

Sometime in late 1967, my high school friend Carter Redd and I began playing guitars together, experimenting and working on songs of the day: Simon & Garfunkel, Bob Dylan, Donovan. Before long we were writing songs and instrumental guitar tunes. The following summer found us at radio station WDCR in Hanover HN discovering the magic of recording studios and beginning to make these recordings.
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So Many Guitars ... so little time

  1. Tom Siebert’s Boat [MP3]
  2. Song of India [MP3]
  3. Spanish Harlem [MP3]
  4. Secret Love [MP3]
  5. Arabian Dance [MP3]
  6. Georgia [MP3]
  7. Embryonic Journey [MP3]
  8. Sukiyaki [MP3]
  9. The Minute Rag [MP3]
  10. The Land of Make Believe [MP3]
  11. Improv on a Bach Bouree [MP3]

This CD has its roots in the first Newport Guitar Festival, which took place in 2004. I had been invited by Rochester NY luthier Bernie Lehmann to go along for the fun and maybe play a little concert on his guitars as part of the festival. I said, “Sure, why not. Sounds like fun.” Thus began a journey into the world of steel string guitar luthiery, about which I had known very little.

On this recording you will hear ten different handmade guitars (including one antique), some made with traditional materials, others using nontraditional woods and in some cases radical new designs.
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Kinloch plays Tunnel 13
and other Petros Guitars

  1. Afterthoughts [MP3]
  2. Haste To The Wedding [MP3]
  3. Tennessee Waltz [MP3]
  4. A Rose In Spanish Harlem [YouTube]
  5. Sunflower River Blues [MP3]
  6. Cast Your Fate To the Wind/Circle Game [MP3]
  7. Great Dreams From Heaven [MP3]
  8. Danny Boy/Road Home [MP3]
  9. Bury Me Not On The Lone Prairie [MP3]
  10. Oh! Susannah [MP3]
  11. You Only Live Twice [MP3]
  12. Wichita Lineman [MP3]

“Bruce Petros and I got talking about a recording project I was thinking about doing involving handmade guitars, and I asked him about including Petros Guitars…”
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From a review by Just Jazz Guitar’s Dr. Dave Walker:
Kinloch Nelson clearly has an excellent ear for guitars, and that is good news for all guitar lovers. His new album Kinloch Plays Tunnel 13 and other Petros Guitars is a veritable showcase for the beautiful instruments of Bruce and Matt Petros. [Read more.]

From a review by The Daily Freeman’s David Malachowski:
“... But what folks forget is that the guitar can function beautifully on its own (without a vocalist), as it provides the means to play melody, chords and bass lines. Kinloch Nelson can do just that, he is an acoustic solo finger-tyle guitarist from the city of Rochester, N.Y., who has been performing for more than 40 years. This record is formed around a guitar, one with a history.” [Read more.]

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Guitar Notebook

  1. Highlands
  2. Lazin’ In My Sleep
  3. Jersey Thursday
  4. Ghost Riders in the Sky
  5. Could This Be J. T.
  6. April Flowers
  7. Song for my Father
  8. Help Me
  9. Figure It Out
  10. 99 Year Blues

Ten songs - some live, some not, some with a band, some solo.
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Kinloch Nelson plays Stanley Watson

  1. Portrait
  2. Nocturne
  3. Echos I
    Echos II
  4. Jackie Mourning Gomez
  5. At the Goldblatts
  6. The “Geetar” Rag
    [The Liberation Rag]
  7. The Churriana Suite
  8. In Memoriam
  9. Waterfall

From a live concert recorded in March 1990, Kinloch performs the music of guitarist/composer Stanley Watson.
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Listen to Stanley on the radio in 1973.

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Kinloch Nelson’s Alternate Tunings for Guitar: a simplified explanation

Kinloch Nelson’s Alternate Tunings for Guitar - a simplified explanation explores fingerboard mapping and harmonic possibilities of alternate guitar tunings. Five common tunings are outlined: Dropped D, Open D, Open G, Open C Maj7 and A9th tuning. These are bass-string-only alternately tuned systems where information on the upper strings remains unchanged. The tuning of Eb Maj9th is then explored as an example of increased complexity when lower and upper strings have been changed.

Included: multiple pages of chord diagrams, basic chord theory and its application to alternate tunings, a glossary of 20 diagramed tunings, other tunings lists including 13 common “slack key” tunings, fingerpicking patterns with multiple variations, and five alternate tuning songs, four* of which are found on Kinloch Nelson CDs. They are:

  • * The Eyes Of The Fair Molly (EAEGBE)
  • * Tom Siebert’s Boat (which by the way is The Chinook, a now famous racing yawl) (Dropped D)
  • * Oh, Susanna (BBDGBE)
  • * Afterthoughts (CGDGBE)
  • Gin (DGDGBE)

Also included is a bonus copy of the song, “Solitudes” as it appeared in Acoustic Guitar Magazine’s September 2019 issue. (From the album Partly On Time - Recordings 1968-1970.) Note: there is a video lesson on this song and more at this link: There is also a video of the song here:

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Partly On Time: Recordings 1968 to 1970

Recordings 1968-1970

“The rolling poise and cumulative harmonics of ‘Pearl St.’ and ‘The Eyes of the Fair Molly’ are partly descended, inevitably, from John Fahey. But there is some David Crosby (a penchant for jazzy, gently angled chord progressions), and a refreshing, unhurried pace in ‘Kittens’ and the ‘68 title piece ‘Partly On Time.’ In a genre where players often seem to rush to mysticism, Nelson plays here as if he has all the time in the world to leave his mark.”
—David Fricke, Rolling Stone

“This is American guitar music born not of the blues, but glistening, plaintive chaconnes and tone poems with their roots in Segovia medievalism, European folk music, and the Northern renaissance. Beguiling and strange, this is a real find.”
Mojo Magazine

“Kinloch Nelson’s terrific Partly on Time comes to us via the ever-reliable Tompkins Square label. Rescued from age-old tapes, the slightly lo-fi sound here is deliciously warm and stony, the perfect setting for Nelson’s laid-back instrumental compositions. As a player, Nelson is an original; he rambles but never meanders, wanders but never gets lost. A total gem, well worth your time.”
—Tyler Wilcox,

“Sublime solo guitar work from Kinloch Nelson - very much in the more underground acoustic side of the 60s - post-folk, and dedicated to unusual tunings — with a very personal, lyrical quality that almost makes Nelson something of a bridge between the older Takoma Records scene, and the acoustic underground of the 70s.”

“... ‘Solitudes’ is a gently bucolic instrumental that wouldn’t sound out of place on a Nick Drake record, at least until it falls into practical silence in its midsection, kept awake only by the soft brush of friction ridges and the solitary pluck of strings that twinkle like newly ignited stars in the dark.”

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