Partly On Time: Recordings 1968-1970

Sometime in late 1967 my high school friend Carter Redd and I began playing guitars together, experimenting and working on songs of the day: Simon & Garfunkel, Bob Dylan, Donovan. Before long we were writing songs and instrumental guitar tunes. The following summer found us at radio station WDCR in Hanover HN discovering the magic of recording studios and beginning to make these recordings. Recorded at various times in the summers of ‘68, ‘69, and ‘70, and in the winter break of ‘69 -’70, the songs on this Vinyl/CD release come from those sessions. Three of the songs in this collection are ones Carter and I did together, the rest are solo tunes of mine.

The first two songs we recorded were “Partly On Time” and “Funky Susan.” “Partly On Time” we co-wrote. “Funky Susan” was Carter’s invention. I added the harmonica part and the second guitar part. Same with “Lazin’ In my Sleep,” which was done a year later. Dave Graves, our friend at WDCR engineered the first two songs, and a few months later he took a chance and sent them off to John Phillips of The Mamas And Papas. Phillips was looking for new acts to produce and he liked what he heard. Months went by. Then out of the blue he sent word for us be at a recording studio in Connecticut one day in January of 1969. He wanted us to learn and record a Mason Williams song. The next step would have been doing our own songs. It never happened. Carter, a year ahead of me, had already graduated and had taken off for a drive across the country. He was nowhere to be found. There were no cell phones in those days. Weeks went by. Phillips, engrossed in producing the film “Monterey Pop” eventually lost interest and our high hopes began to fade. I’ve often wondered what might have happened had we recorded all these tunes for him, and put them out way back then when fingerpicked acoustic guitar instrumentals were just beginning to get the attention of the counter culture, record companies and the emerging music revolution.

Over the years I’ve continued to play some of these tunes, abandoned some of them, relearned them, written others, gone on to study classical and jazz guitar, explored other genres, played in bands, taught a lot of guitar lessons, taken a few myself, played a gazillion shows, explored guitar building, and traveled around playing guitar - and all the while these recordings sat on a shelf waiting for Duck Baker to tell me to send them to Tompkins Square records. Thankfully, and I am deeply appreciative, Tompkins square loved the collection and will be releasing them to worldwide distribution on vinyl and CD on March 22, 2019. If you would like a copy please go to the following link. I will include samples of the songs on my website.

And thanks for taking the time to read this. I hope you enjoy the music.
-Kinloch Nelson-

“And the moral is, if any my friend,
Follow your dreams to the end.” - Donovan

Partly On Time: Recordings 1968-1970
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