Stanley Watson - Live - the Concert Recordings

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Stanley Watson - Live - the Concert Recordings

These recordings came mostly from radio broadcasts and live concerts Stanley made during those counterculture years of 1973, '74, &'75 when cross-genre music exploration was alive, exciting and fearless. The local Rochester music scene was bustling then. Boundaries were being pushed and Stanley's music was right for the times. By 1976 Stanley had left Rochester, moving on, continuing his travels and getting into 10 string guitar. One exception, In The Inside-out House was recorded in the last year of Stanley's life when he was living in Maine. Sadly, in 1978 Stanley Watson died from injuries suffered in a car crash on RT. 95 near Portland, Maine. He is sorely missed, and is still remembered in music circles here and abroad.

A special thanks to Bat McGrath - wherever he is now - for permission and encouragement to release Stan's recordings, and to the local TV and Radio stations for their promoting and broadcasting the local music scene back during those sky's-the-limit days.

  1. Two Echos and A Lament ... inspired by Rodin's statue of The Thinker
  2. Jackie Mourning Gomez ... saxophonist Jackie McClain mourns the death of a friend
  3. At The Goldblatts ... a summer night in Mendon NY... crickets, a storm in the distance, silence
  4. The Liberation Rag ... The Women's Liberation Movement finds a musical voice
  5. Two Celtic Pieces ... Stanley harks to, as he puts it, "me ancestry."
  6. Two Renaissance Pieces ... more music from across the centuries "...if I should remember."
  7. The Churianna Suite ... Juan Ramon Jimenez's tale of the man and his donkey - travels in Spain when life moved at a slower pace
  8. A Felicidade ... from the movie Black Orpheus
  9. A Walk Down Yonge St (in Toronto) ... busy sidewalks, the occasional siren, a Vietnam War draft refugee, a ferry ride, a music festival, church bells, sleep - it's all here
  10. Portrait - Melody For Don Potter ... friend and Rochester native Don Potter is heard in the background as Stanley wishes him luck on his journey to Nashville - a trip which brought Don a level of fame and fortune.
  11. In Memoriam ... a tome for the ending of the Vietnam War and all of its anguish
  12. Pages From A Journal On America ... a land and people in contrast with each other - from grand serenity to bustling chaos
  13. The Inside-Outside House ... perhaps the last chapter in Stan's musical diary, this song was written and played on a 10-string guitar at Stanley's last home, a farm house affectionately referred to as the Inside-Out House, with horses, chickens, an outdoor well and no electricity or running water in the backwoods of Maine.
  14. Songs From The Valley Of The Nightingale ... inspired by a place in Clifton England where lutists and guitarists would go to play music over the centuries.
  15. Eulogy For Martin Luther King ... dirge for a lost minister
  16. Lullaby To An Unborn Child ... as it says
  17. Waterfall *... a cleansing

All songs played by Stanley Watson with the exception of
Waterfall, played by Kinloch Nelson

All songs composed by Stanley Watson with the exception of
A Felicidade
The Celtic Pieces
The Renaissance Pieces

Guitarist Stanley Watson
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